Welcome to Kingdom Culture 2.0

unleashing the gospel in your life

What Is It?

Kingdom Culture 2.0 is a philosophy that every Christian is called to be a servant leader. Our goal is to edify, equip, and network kingdom culture leaders to bring to gospel to where they are at, and to bring positive change to the world they have access to.

Shifting From Fear To Faith

A life lived by recognizing and successfully partnering with God in his dynamic plans for your life is the recipe for living without fear. Our ministry yearns to see a new generation of fearless, compassionate Christians make disciples out of nations.

Your Unique Gifts

Understanding how God is working (and wanting to work) in your life is key to unleashing the Gospel in every aspect of your life. We want every Christian to have the confidence in their uniqueness, the courage to love when it's tough, and the trust in a Father who truly has their back.


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